CRM Software Comparison

Vendor Tracker-RMS
CRM Software Comparison
Company Logo
Product Name
  • TrackerRMS CRM
Customer Focus
  • Small to medium-sized enterprises for all types of industries including Marketing, Telecoms, Manufacturing, Recruitment, Sport and Leisure, Management Consulting and IT Consulting
Technology Model
  • Hosted
  • £500 per user per annum
  • One system tracks leads, sales, orders, projects, service & resourcing planning
  • Automatic workflow, alerts, notifications and integration with Microsoft, including Outlook and Projects
  • Real-time reporting and campaigning functionality
  • Centralize all company documents & standardize communications via templates
  • Resource and client portals for submitting tickets, timesheets and expenses and availability
CRM Functionality
Key Strengths
  • TrackerRMS aim is to continually provide a feature rich yet cost effective CRM, Project, Resource and Ticket Management solution to clients without the burden of them managing their own data or integrating multiple applications. TrackerRMS delivers a fast and actionable insight into their clients and their business.
  • TrackerRMS is an enterprise level fully hosted ASP tool which is completely customizable delivering cutting edge sales, recruitment, delivery and support tools through your browser.
  • With TrackerRMS software there is no need to acquire any other additional software to run your business and our clients receive maximum ROI and business efficiency in the day to day running of their business.
  • TrackerRMS sales and technical team delivers true on-demand solutions to a wide variety of industries from technical to leisure. TrackerRMS continues to update and upgrade clients systems to ensure they are always receiving the most up to date features and unrivalled customer support that the market offers
CRM Features
  • Sales – Sales Force Automation and solid Opportunity Management is essential when effectively selling products or services within a sales lifecycle involving lead generation, sales calls.
  • Diary Management – Keeping on top of your Activities is essential for any sales organization, as is the ability to keep a history of your existing meetings, calls, emails and more.
  • Lead & Opportunity Management – The Leads function hooks directly into your website through your “Contact Us” page or other customized page used to attract your clients. This allows your team to react instantly to prospects and use.
  • Account & Contact Management – The Account & Contact Management function establishes a solid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service that allows you to manage your day-to-day contacts and activities.
  • Reporting & Analytics – The power of TrackerRMS is in the fact that every conceivable piece of information about your business is held within a single application, including more importantly, how this information relate.
  • Workflow – To drive automation into the sales cycle, TrackerRMS has a subtle yet powerful workflow engine that takes the pain out of the sales process by making decisions, sending alerts, setting statuses, creating project records, updating.
  • Campaign Management – TrackerRMS brings you a browser-based campaign tool that automates and manages multi-channel campaigns including email, fax, direct mail, web and telemarketing.