AT&T Recognizes Amdocs as Outstanding Supplier for Commitment to Excellence

How do you value the customer experience? Do you ensure that everyone in your organization is focused on delivering the best customer service possible? Do you track all of your interactions and then measure customer perception? Are you active on social media to measure your presence and encourage customers to act as advocates for your products, services and your brand? If you understand the importance of these things, but maybe haven’t taken the steps to get started, you might want to take a look at Amdocs. This company delivers customer experience systems and was recently recognized for its role with AT&T. To truly understand the important role customers play in your organization, learn from Amdocs.

The Role of Amdocs in the AT&T Mission

While much of the media likes to have fun with AT&T and the problems the network has endured with the introduction of the iPhone and the extensive data demands, the truth is this telecom giant is focused on the customer experience. AT&T partnered with Amdocs and this year, awarded the company with the 2011 AT&T Supplier Award for Amdocs’ commitment to excellence over the past 12 months. Amdocs not only focuses on delivering the optimal experience for AT&T, but also the company’s affiliates as they deliver on consumer demand for data, voice, wireless and Internet service.

Amdocs and Its Role in the Supply Chain

AT&T’s president of Supply Chain and Fleet Operations, Tim Harden, recently shared that the company is proud of the long-standing tradition of delivering innovative products and services to all business and residential customers. The success in that side of the business is credited to the work of Amdocs and other suppliers to ensure the company can exceed expectations while delivering the optimal experience for the customer. As a supplier, Amdocs was only one of seven companies to be recognized by AT&T. Amdocs was honored due to its proactive approach to the customer experience, ensuring AT&T had the proper tools in place to drive the optimal customer experience throughout its entire enterprise.

Amdocs Solutions

For companies such as AT&T and its subsidiaries, Amdocs is focused on delivering customer experience solutions that address cost management, product and service performance, customer service, teamwork, diversity results and sustainability. Amdocs provides strong information about CRM, and is consistently ranked highly in CRM reviews because the company has demonstrated a vision for innovation and customer value over the course of two decades. Amdocs’ long-term relationship with AT&T is proof positive that the company is adding value to the AT&T brand, as well as to the telecom’s affiliates. Amdocs has shared that its mission is to continue its commitment to support AT&T as the telecom giant focuses on bringing new capabilities to market quickly and effectively.

Amdocs Benefits

Companies like Amdocs can work with businesses of all sizes to deliver business and operational support systems that allow your organization to focus on what you do best – drive revenue. Amdocs is focused on enabling companies to do more in a connected world. It is up to you to take advantage of the opportunity to leverage such capabilities to drive your own success.