EnterpriseWizard 2.0 CRM Now Available

EnterpriseWizard has released version 2.0 of its CRM application built on top of its SaaSWizard Web application development platform. Customizability of tables, drag and drop style of building templates, and a browser-based interface are the key features of this CRM application. Version 2.0 also incorporates a new improved search engine and automatic transmission of information from a client computer upon receipt of a trouble ticket.

The company CEO Colin Earl chooses to describe the SaaSWizard platform as a representation of ‘man-centuries of development” and not just “man-hours”. EnterpriseWizard hopes to go one-up on its competitors like SAP, which has recently come out with CRM 2007, with the help of its business model that stresses partnership with system integrators and value-added resellers in an effort to make inroads into various verticals and sell applications based on the groundbreaking SaaSWizard. Colin argues against the direct sales model that most SaaS companies follow. He intends to share the pie, as he calls it with his channel partners.

EnterpriseWizard is one of the few CRM offerings that’s available as an on-premise and SaaS offering and over the years the company has done well to develop a customer base that’s just fewer than 400. The software costs $65/staff/month for the hosted model, $950/staff user when purchased outright for Linux and $1150/staff user when purchased for Windows.

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