Salesforce sales, fourth released figures for the company’s fiscal fourth quarter and fiscal year 2007, which ended January 31, yesterday and the spin immediately went both ways on the story. “The fourth quarter was remarkable for its strength across all business segments, products, and geographies,” said CEO/chairman Marc Benioff, “best demonstrated by our adding 90,000 net […]


BigMachines, Inc., a provider of on-demand configuration and quoting software, announced today that Bottomline Technologies has selected the BigMachines CPP solution through the AppExchange. Bottomline will use BigMachines integrated with to help their sales team manage configurations and generate quotes. BigMachines CPP will be tightly integrated with Bottomline’s CRM system to provide […]

Lots to Tango

Retail integration and technology consulting firm Tango Consulting, and today announced the availability of Tango’s “Retail Intellect” for’s AppExchange. Retail Intellect for AppExchange seeks to assist retailers in integrating ERP systems to the Salesforce suite of on-demand customer relationship management applications. Tango Consulting first showcased Retail Intellect for AppExchange last week at the […]

Salesforce follows the Genesys sun

Genesys Conferencing, a global multimedia conferencing product creator, has announced their choice of Salesforce Service and Support for its global, “follow-the-sun support operations.” Combined with its existing Salesforce SFA deployment, Salesforce Service and Support enabled Genesys’ three-tiered support organization across ten countries to gain instant access to account information. Eyebrow-raisingly, Genesys Conferencing’s project leader of […]

Rez’ lucky number 7.0

RezOvation, a producer of property management and website booking engine software, had a couple of big deals to talk about today: Company reps announced a the major product upgrade RezOvation Desktop 7.0 and the addition of more than 100 new clients in the fourth quarter of 2006. RezOvation launched its Guest Tracker product last summer, […]

The stock exchange and the AppExchange

Dow Jones today announced details of plans to enhance Factiva SalesWorks for’s AppExchange in order to use features now available in Salesforce Winter ‘07. The updated version of Factiva SalesWorks for AppExchange will be available in March 2007 on the AppExchange. Factiva SalesWorks enhancements for’s AppExchange allow users to generate lists of company […]

iNeo, in Plura(l)

INeoMarketing has announced the release of its new lead management automation suite, a package that includes the PluraPage, PluraCom, and PluraPage+ software applications. The applications generate customized and personalized microsites, landing pages, and marketing and communications materials in response to any click from an outbound marketing campaign or upselling/cross-selling effort. This release (and promised future […]

AppExchange is O-K(-E-R-E)!

This kind of story is also becoming a daily occurrence. Maybe it has something to do with that new Apex thing… OKERE, a management and technology consulting firm for on-demand business applications, has put OKERE’s software for capital markets on‘s AppExchange. OKERE Capital Markets is built on the Apex on-demand platform and is available […]

Two more enter the ‘Exchange

And another two enter the Exchange. The AppExchange, that is. Navatar Group’s Institutional Desk CRM program is now available in the Financial Services category on‘s AppExchange. Navatar Group’s Institutional Desk CRM is integrated on-demand CRM software for research, sales, trading, and marketing functions within a capital markets firm. Built on the Apex on-demand platform, […]

Winter is here!

A big day was had over at, with the on-demand leader officially releasing Salesforce Winter ‘07, the 21st generation of the suite. Citing its “hundreds” of new CRM features and enhancements, Winter ‘07 is called by company officials “the largest release in’s history.” The Winter ‘07 release also officially marks the official […]