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iPhone CRM in 2010: Predictions

The end of 2009 is upon us, and as with every year’s end, research firms, bloggers, and others are weighing in on what they expect will be big in the future. Analyst firm IDC released a compendium of their 2010 predictions earlier this week, and it will likely not surprise most readers that one of […]

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Salesforce CRM for the iPhone

If the Blackberry has Microsoft and SAP batting for it then the iPhone has its own two stalwarts. Along with Oracle’s announcement of offering free applications via the iPhone comes another announcement by in which the SaaS biggie has stated that its customer relationship management (CRM) applications and platform are available as Salesforce […]


Oracle CRM products for iPhone

Oracle has announced that free Oracle business applications for the Apple iPhone are now available. Soon, businesses will be able to access Oracle CRM products on their iPhones. I guess this is to counter the growing friendship between SAP and RIM and also Microsoft and RIM. It will be interesting to see the kind of […]


More CRM on the iPhone (whoo hoo!)

Update: Get the latest iPhone CRM news. It had to happen. Apple’s long awaited iPhone was so popular so quickly that businesses with the little device are already being offered CRM product to run on the doodad. Companion Link Software got things rolling ‘round about July 4 with a solution providing CRM synchronization for the […]