Category: Contact Centers

Asian contact centers face competition

According to the latest figures by Frost and Sullivan, the Asia Pacific region continues to be the most popular destination for contact-center outsourcing. The report "Assessment of the Asia Pacific Contact Center Market" by Frost and Sullivan mentions that the number of contact centers in the Asia-Pacific region in 2004 was in excess of 21, […]

Frontlink for Minneapolis contact center

Minneapolis is set to get a new consolidated 3-1-1 call center, which will use the Frontlink software developed by Lagan. Frontlink from Lagan allows communication between local government and citizens through various channels such as telephone, email, video conferencing, etc. says: Representatives from Lagan Technologies, including CEO Des Speed, will be on hand at […]

Home-based phone representatives

Companies that cannot outsource their call center activities but still look to drive down costs are increasingly turning to home-based workers. This new breed of workers is more driven and always available, which means that a customer does not have to wait or leave a message behind. WillowCSN is based in Florida and operates with […]