Legrand CRM Review

About Legrand CRM

Legrand CRM is a powerful and efficient customer management system. Designed to be
easy to implement and use, it was made to maximize growth with tools that are practical and efficient. They stand by their product by using Legrand CRM in their own company and offer it to companies worldwide that desire to see immediate results in their return on the investment into Legrand CRM.

What Legrand CRM Can Do

Legrand CRM helps vibrant and mid-sized businesses maintain an informed picture of
company activity while providing a platform for continued growth. It is simple to deploy with
a high degree of configurability. Legrand CRM will smoothly integrate with tools your business
is currently using to maximize their performance. Legrand CRM gives businesses the tools to create and manage direct marketing campaigns, improve its ability to construct and share custom reports, track purchases and stay on top of customer service.

Satisfied Customers

Australian Newsagents Federation (AU), BES Rehab (UK), Critchlow & Associates (NZ),
Generation Homes (NZ), Mentoring Minds (US), Ocean Shutters Manufacturing (US), Pfizer
Animal Genetics (AU), RMIT University (AU), Sarsen Stoves (UK), Triodos Bank (Belgium)

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Product Key Features

  • Manage significant accounts and contacts by giving salespeople simple real-world tools
  • Legrand CRM uniquely offers the ability to integrate with widely used accounting systems
  • Makes information sharing simple by integrating with desktop tools such as MS Outlook
  • Enables businesses transfer leads directly from your website to Legrand CRM
  • Follow purchases and monitor your sales pipeline
  • Effectively deal with customer service issues

Legrand CRM Technology

Legrand CRM is an on-premise software solution. Business data concerning customers is stored on a computer, a server on the business site or in combination of the two. The benefit of on-premise CRM is that rather than involve a third party, businesses maintain full control of important business information.

Bottom Line

Legrand CRM offers businesses a sensible and pragmatic solution for monitoring sales activities.
It is easy to use since it integrates with desktop business applications already in place in most cases. Sales people can use productivity tools such as Microsoft Office to gain a full-orbed picture of the sales environment within the company.

Plans are in the works to make a web edition available freeing the team from the desk and making
business-critical data available outside of the office. In the meantime, Legrand’s full range of helpful features, its ease of use and flexibility in licensing make it an effective solution for growing and middle sized clients.

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