Sweet for EB: Alcatel announces deal

According to prweb, Alcatel, the online on-demand CRM software company announced their formal partnership with Freemont, Calif.-based EBSuite.com. Under terms of the agreement, Alcatel will offer a web-based front- and back-end internal customer support solution for its North American employees; Alcatel brass hopes to assist its North American Human Resources Information Center organization in improving employee satisfaction and lowering service costs. Alcatel North America IT senior CRM project manager David Mortensen described the relationship between the companies as fruitful: “We are very pleased about our experience working with EBSuite. Their team helped us define and refine our requirements throughout the CRM evaluation and selection process … when the system goes live, we expect to see immediate benefits in terms of customer support and better management of all our call centers.”

On-demand CRM solutions provider EBSuite.com has been moving up the charts with a bullet lately, more than doubling its customer base and revenues in fiscal year 2005; in that year, EBSuite.com opened operations in Beijing. Meanwhile, back at the Alcatel ranch, company representatives announced further development in the wake of the Alcatel / Lucent Technologies merger. In the area of personnel, a team has been formed the lead the companies’ integration and transition planning, consisting of an integration program office, steering council and work groups. Alcatel EVP Program Office Leader will be Christian Reinaudo; Lucent Technologies chief strategy officer Janet Davidson will play the role of Lucent EVP integration program office leader.

The steering council will be made up of Alcatel are President / chief operating officer Mike Quigley, Alcatel chief financial officer Jean-Pascal Beaufret, Reinaudo, Lucent chief operating officer Frank D’Amelio, Lucent chief financial officer John Kritzmacher, and Davidson. Alcatel Chairman / CEO Serge Tchuruk and Lucent Technologies Chairman / CEO Patricia Russo will conjoin on chairs for the overall integration process act as final decision makers and ensure reporting to their boards of directors. Work groups are to be responsible for detailed integration and transition planning; with one dedicated person per function per company comprising. Alcatel provides communications solutions to telecommunication carriers, internet service providers and enterprises for delivery of voice, data and video applications, operates in 131 countries and boasted sales of 13.1 billion euros (over $16.6 billion) in 2005.

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