Social Media: The Building Blocks to Meaningful Customer Relationships at GM

Utilizing social media tools to optimize customer service and customer relationship management (CRM) has been the trajectory for many businesses of generation Web 2.0. General Motors (GM) is not the first business to use resources like Twitter and Facebook to engage their stakeholders; however as a manufacturer in the midst of a financial crisis, they are facing quite a challenge.

GM’s new communications restructuring focuses on using social media to provide high quality customer service. GM’s Communications Manager, Annalisa Esposita Bluhm, is the key voice behind GM’s online social media presence. Bluhm explains the importance of social media: “One of the best things about [it] is it gives GM a direct line to customers, which helps build trust and transparency”. GM is turning to social media and social CRM to engage in meaningful connections with their customers.

GM is using social media tools to distribute product information, publicize promotions and offer quality customer service. The reason for establishing transparency during a financial crisis is to demonstrate trustworthiness between GM and its stakeholders and customers.

GM has truly revolutionized their customer service efficiency, through a collaborative effort with the public and social media, to create a better brand. This is exciting news not only for the automotive industry, but for the social customer service sphere as well. Companies are giving their patrons a voice and they are using emerging social media to do it.

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