SAP rebuts Oracle’s leadership claim

SAP has rebutted a claim by Oracle that the latter is now the foremost CRM applications provider in America. SAP buttressed its claim by mentioning a recent report by Merril Lynch according to which SAP earned $ 968 million from tle sale of application licenses in the US for the year 2005, Oracle’s earnings for the same period were $ 558 million.

SAP was reacting to a claim by Oracle’s Larry Ellison that Oracle had emerged as the leader in CRM following its acquistion of Siebel. says:

“Oracle can make no such claim for the current quarter, because SAP will not report its fourth quarter 2005 earnings until 25 January [next year]. We believe none of these leadership claims by Ellison can be substantiated,” SAP noted in its statement.

Go to: SAP: Oracle leadership claims ‘not accurate at all’

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