Sage CRM Solutions Honored by ISM Inc.

ISM Inc, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Contact Center strategic advisors, operating out of Bethesda, Maryland, has included Sage in its Top 15 CRM Small & Medium Business Software Award winners for 2008.  Sage products are a regular feature at these awards; Sage CRM received the ISM award for the sixth consecutive year, while Sage SalesLogix received the award for a tenth straight year.

Sage products were deemed worthy of the award after undergoing 217 selection tests that included 103 business functions, 52 technical features, 36 implementation capabilities, 9 real time CRM criteria and 17 user support features.

Sage, on its part, reiterated its focus on delivering reliable and flexible solutions that are interoperable and connect back-office to the front office.


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  1. David Beard says:

    Quite old news about Sage – more stories around the 2010 strategy are now out.

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