Potential Enterprise Software Standouts at TechCrunch50

Presentations at the annual TechCrunch50 conference just ended, and there were two Web 2.0 startups that could make wonderful improvements to enterprise software.

Threadsy. Given the surge in social network integrations into industry platforms, Threadsy could prove a very popular—and easy—way to merge the various yarns people are so anxious to integrate. Looking at over 40 social networking applications, Threadsy creates two streams: one is an “inbound” feed (emails, @ replies on Twitter, etc.), and the other is “unbound” (Facebook news feed, Twitter, etc.). Users can send emails, update profiles, and browse pictures from the application. Considering the number of networks Threadsy taps into, security issues could arise, but it is certainly a promising communications aggregator, and was a runner up for the conference’s grand prize.

Crowd Fusion. Crowd Fusion takes features from wikis, blogs, and more to create a unified content management system. Where other applications lack structure, Crowd Fusion provides it. The team’s presentation included a demo of creating a blog post. Crowd Fusion provides a feed reader and live search integration, and can suggest to the writer both potential topics that have not already been covered by the site, and related blog posts to link to within the entry. Topics covered in the entry (for example, a product discussed on a gadget blog) can be logged to the site’s database with a tagging widget that makes tags from actual landing pages within the site—this database of landing pages is not only useful to the audience, but also attractive to search engines. Finally, these landing pages can be designed for viewer interaction, creating strong relationships between user and site.

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  1. Simple CRM says:

    Is the Crowd Fusion app building it’s own site structure, or does it simply aggregate content from wordpress, joomla, etc? Compendium came under quite a bit of fire from some SEO experts because of their proprietary site structure.

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  3. Brian Alvey says:

    Crowd Fusion is definitely about original content — both the news/blogging and the landing pages.

    I’ve had sites that were gang copied by sploggers. That stuff is evil!

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