OpenSpan Achieves Oracle Validated Integration

Today, at Oracle OpenWorld, OpenSpan, Inc. announced that it achieved Oracle Validated Integration. The user process management software provider achieved integration with Oracle’s Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Release 8.1.1 through Oracle’s PartnerNetwork program.

Siebel CRM is key to OpenSpan’s work. Siebel CRM and OpenSpan help companies find the right applications that will help them achieve the highest level of productivity possible while maintaining flexibility. OpenSpan is very helpful for companies who want to get the most out of their applications. OpenSpan finds how the company works and determines exactly what they need to be efficient.

Along with Siebel CRM, OpenSpan’s User Process Management software tracks which applications and files users access regularly. The software can then decide which applications are unnecessary or under used to save companies time and money. OpenSpan’s software will also help companies find solutions for manual tasks that can be done through an application.

The CEO of OpenSpan, Eric Musser, said, “As a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) program, OpenSpan is pleased to provide customers with the confidence that the integration of our products with Siebel CRM 8.1 has been tested as technically and functionally sound. Validated integrations reduce risk, simplify upgrades, and lower the ownership costs for joint Oracle customers.”

Oracle is also impressed with OpenSpan and is proud to have OpenSpan as an Oracle Partner. The group vice president of CRM applications at Oracle, George Jacob, commented. He said, “We are very pleased that OpenSpan has achieved Oracle Validated Integration with Siebel CRM. OpenSpan has been successful in helping automate and improve the efficiency of critical business processes with a number of key Oracle customers.”

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