Sage CRM Solutions Developing Cloud-Based On-Demand Services To Aid Small And Mid-Sized Businesses With Sales And Marketing

Initial ACT! E-marketing service enables powerful e-mail marketing campaigns at an SMB price

Scottsdale , AZ (January 19, 2010) – Sage North America, which provides business management software and services to more than three million small and mid-sized businesses in Canada and the United States, is developing cloud-based on-demand services for its Sage CRM Solutions product family. ACT! E-marketing, the initial service offering from Sage, provides e-mail marketing campaign management compatible with the ACT! by Sage 2010 contact and customer manager. Sage plans additional on-demand services for its on-premises and hosted CRM systems including sales, marketing, e-commerce and mobility services, among others, that allow SMBs to subscribe to functionality they need, as they need it.

“On-demand services are part of our Sage CRM Solutions 2010 strategy to extend CRM value across our customers’ organizations,” said Joe Bergera, executive vice president and general manager, Sage CRM Solutions. “Our customers indicated their need for powerful yet affordable e-mail campaign capabilities tightly integrated within ACT!, making ACT! E-marketing an ideal first service offering.”

ACT! E-marketing, created with strategic partner Swiftpage(TM), is a cloud-based e-mail marketing service with templates for e-mail design, survey and Web forms for gathering recipient feedback, drip marketing controls for automating campaigns with multiple e-mails, and a marketing results tab for identifying qualified prospects based on open and click-through metrics.

“ACT! with Swiftpage technology removes the manual steps otherwise required to run an effective marketing campaign,” explained Bob Ogdon, CEO of Swiftpage. “Giving small businesses the tools within ACT! to reach prospects with graphical e-mail messages and monitor which contacts are most interested helps sales reps prioritize their activities and better grow revenues.”

Specifically, ACT! E-marketing helps small businesses:

oReach more contacts more efficiently–easily and inexpensively send larger quantity e-mail campaigns to help drive sales

oNurture prospects automatically–create multi-step nurture or drip marketing campaigns that can include e-mail, call lists, even postcards, for automatic delivery over time based on recipient reading and response behaviors

oQualify more sales leads–automatically assign scores to contacts based on their interaction with e-mail campaigns for a ranked and qualified list of who to call first

oGrow a larger prospect database with more contact details–use Web forms to collect contact details and interests from prospects that are transferred into existing or new ACT! contact records

ACT! E-marketing services begin at $14.95 per month. For more information visit or attend a Webcast February 3rd at 1:00 p.m. Eastern by registering at

Source: Sage