Parature 3.0 Creates Superior Customer Self-service Centers Online

Easy-to-Use Software Helps Small to Medium-Sized Companies Improve Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Customer Support Costs

McLean, VA (February 12, 2011) – Parature, Inc., an innovator of online customer support software, today announced the release of Parature 3.0, which enables companies to rapidly and cost-effectively create easy-to-use customer self-service centers on the Web. Clients such as the Information Technology Association of America have already seamlessly integrated the Parature 3.0 into existing systems to better manage the needs and information of customers and increase responsiveness and personalization of service.

Parature 3.0 powers the support component of a company Web site, presenting visitors with self-service information neatly organized by topic category, most popular items, and most recent items. By automatically presenting the information most relevant to customers, Parature reduces the number of inquiries submitted to the company’s support department. And, because of Parature’s unique ability to quickly and easily update the information in the knowledge base with every customer interaction, the customer support center is constantly improving, and companies are able to gain valuable customer, product and marketing intelligence.

“Besides delivering more responsive customer support to our members, Parature’s ease-of-use is enabling us to strengthen our internal operations and simplify our support processes,” said Bob Cohen, Senior Vice President of the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA). “Additionally, while ITAA members enjoy the benefits of superior online customer support, ITAA is recognizing great cost savings with Parature.”

Online customer support software is proven to increase customer satisfaction and dramatically reduce customer support costs. Research firm Forrester estimates that companies typically spend $33 per phone call, $10 per e-mail, and $8 per online chat, while a self-service inquiry, however, costs only $1. Meta Group has estimated a self-service application’s return on investment six months after implementation averages 47 percent.

“With more customers turning to the Web for information, companies must have a comprehensive online customer service solution that delivers personalized information quickly,” said Casey Golden, President of Parature. “With Parature Parature 3.0, we empower companies to meet this demand and save money in the process.”

Parature 3.0 is made of five modules, allowing companies to start out with a basic customer support center on the Web, and then expand support based on customer feedback and demand. As a hosted solution, Parature Web Service eliminates the need for companies to install and maintain their own hardware and networks for online customer support. Unlike expensive CRM systems that take months or years to implement, Parature provides a low-cost alternative that can be deployed in as little as two weeks. Parature 3.0 also provides effective internal support to employees through an Intranet.

Parature modules include:

1. eService – Support Web site management system for enabling customer self-service on the Web

2. eDownload – Download management system for support site documents and files

3. eCustomer – Customer management system for tracking customer profiles and trends

4. eTicket – Ticket management system for structuring and tracking customer inquiries

5. eRealTime – Chat and monitoring application for engaging customers in real-time, assisted support

Parature 3.0 is available immediately and is provided on an annual subscription basis. Jump-start implementation packages, training and professional services are also available from Parature. For more information, please visit or send email to .

Source: Parature