First and only midmarket UK CRM product with commission management and order management including automatic VAT calculation

LONDON (October 09, 2003) – NetSuite Inc. (formerly NetLedger, Inc.) today announced the UK availability of its award-winning business applications, Oracle Small Business Suite and its mid-market counterpart NetSuite. Chief among many UK “first and only” features is the bringing together of applications that automate front-office, back-office and e-commerce in a single application. NetSuite and Oracle Small Business Suite have been completely localised for the UK market, from language convertions, advanced sales order management with VAT, to statutory accounting requirements, to reporting. Todaythe company is the world’s leading provider of online business application suites. The Oracle Small Business Suite name is used under license from Oracle Corporation. (ORCL). For a free test-drive of the product, please go to

Today’s online and traditional mid-market CRM applications automate only the most elementary sales activities – tracking leads, phone calls, opportunities, and forecasts. However, the most important aspects of a customer relationship with a company – what was purchased, how it was shipped, and what terms were extended – are all managed in a “back-office” ERP system rather than in a CRM application.

NetSuite eliminates these limitations, because it is a single system that integrates complete mid-market CRM and ERP functionality in one application. Accordingly, NetSuite CRM users have seamless access to advanced functionality not found in any other mid-market CRM application. NetSuite is the first mid-market software application – either online or self-managed — to provide order management, including VAT and shipping integration. Additionally, its ability to integrate inventory data allows sales people to provide exact information on product availability. NetSuite also enables better and less expensive customer service, as support personnel have a real-time picture of customer purchase histories and details.

While companies may choose to deploy all of NetSuite’s functionality, the CRM capabilities described above can be used without replacing an existing accounting system. Furthermore, with NetSuite’s advanced eCRM features, these capabilities can be delivered as a customer self-service application at no additional charge. With a user name and password, customers can use the Internet to access their own account information, check order status, see inventory availability, and place orders which incorporate their specific terms (discount levels, payment terms, etc.).

“Amazingly, today’s CRM systems don’t natively track the most basic element of the vendor-customer relationship – what the customer actually bought!” said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite. “The ability of NetSuite to manage the customer relationship from contact to contract to cash changes the CRM application landscape.”

Source: NetSuite