New Research Imparts Industry Expertise on How to Empower Enterprises and Customers with Knowledge

CRM Industry Thought Leader Examines How to Access and Capitalize on Corporationsâ?? Most Overlooked and Abundant Commodity.

Indianapolis, IN (June 05, 2009) –

Consona Corporation (Consona), a worldwide leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services for companies of all sizes, today announced the general availability of two white papers entitled, “Thinking Outside the (Search) Box: Powering Enterprise Search with Knowledge” and “Do You Want to Help Customers with Knowledge? (Or Do You Just Want to Buy a Knowledgebase?)” written by Tim Hines of Consona CRM. The research shines a light on best practices for capitalizing on knowledge through collaboration, integration, proper management and technology.

Access “Powering Enterprise Search with Knowledge” now at and “Do You Want to Help Customers with Knowledge?” at, or read below for further details on the contents of these papers.

The case for enterprise search is clear: enterprises are overflowing with valuable information that has the potential be used by support and service employees, as well as customers and prospects. However, in many organizations, this information is not gathered or organized into a reusable format that lends itself to search and capture. Indeed, in order to capitalize from this untapped potential, enterprise search demands effective knowledge management (KM). In “Powering Enterprise Search with Knowledge”, Hines lays out guidelines on how enterprises can build upon their own existing knowledgebase through enterprise search that is complemented by KM.

“Enterprises are drowning in unstructured information, and search can help employees collaborate, reuse existing work and get the specific facts they need to do their jobs,” wrote Hines. “To be truly valuable, enterprise search must be paired with capabilities for capturing, maintaining, and continuously improving the content that it serves. Enterprise search demands effective knowledge management. Search alone isn’t enough.”

Industry experts agree that implementing knowledge management has risen to be a top priority of leading service and support providers. However, too often organizations equate implementing KM with buying, installing and training agents on a knowledgebase tool. While technology is a critical component of success, KM is an ongoing program that comprises people, process and technology, and supports healthy practices for capturing, maintaining and improving knowledge for service and support. In “Do You Want to Help Customers with Knowledge?”, Hines unveils the holistic picture of knowledge management, summarizing the common traps to avoid when launching an initiative, and offering best practices on how to steer around these pitfalls and realize the benefits of truly effective KM.

“Knowledge is power. Service and support knowledge that’s shared with staff and customers is a uniquely powerful driver of internal efficiency and customer success,” Hines stated. “But organizations will only reap the benefits of knowledge when they go beyond thinking about implementing a knowledgebase project and truly embrace integrating knowledge into the entire service delivery process.”

“Every day, our experts at Consona CRM are in the field with enterprises seeking to maximize their return on investment from knowledge management initiatives–these organizations have the foundation of a knowledgebase and the motivation to build upon it, but often lack the proper set of tools and guidelines,” said Tom Millay, general manager of Consona CRM. “In this research, Tim Hines offers solid expertise for enterprises looking to take advantage of perhaps their greatest asset: knowledge.”

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