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HOUSTON (April 26, 2011) – ACT! is the grandfather of sales automation tools and is still the most widely used in the world. With well over 6 million licenses sold, it’s tough to find a sales-pro that hasn’t used ACT!

However, business changes, new requirements and the cost of managing, supporting and upgrading ACT! can motivate companies to seek options for moving ACT! to the cloud. SalesNexus Online CRM & Email Marketing Suite ( might be your solution; however, you need to understand a few more things to make a proper business decision.

There are 4 common reasons businesses consider moving ACT! online.

1) ACT! is broken.

2) The need to access ACT! via the Internet.

3) New capabilities needed.  

4) Costs.

Options for moving ACT! to the cloud include upgrades and add-ons within the ACT! software ecosystem and completely new SaaS or online CRM solutions.

Within the ACT! ecosystem, there are several options such as ACT! for Web upgrade and ACT! hosting providers. However, these solutions typically involve a significant investment in additional software and/or hardware and can prove quite complex to implement and maintain. When considering these options, most businesses rely on a Certified ACT! Consultant to assist in the selection, migration, setup and support of these additional services.

Online CRM (SaaS, software as a service) providers can appear quite attractive from a cost, simplicity and support point of view. However, there are 4 crucial considerations that ACT! users are often unaware of until they’ve made the leap into cloud-based CRM and learn the hard way.

1) ACT! data migration.

2) Customization.

3) Support.  

4) Islands vs. Clouds.

For the past 9 years, SalesNexus has been the only online CRM provider focused on making the transition from ACT! to the cloud simple and easy. SalesNexus has always enabled the transfer of the entire ACT! database – notes, history, sales pipeline, calendar, groups, custom fields, etc. SalesNexus’ interface and functionality were originally designed to mirror that of ACT! so that the rich capabilities of the ACT! software that businesses have come to rely on are all there and familiar. SalesNexus also is the only major web-based CRM to combine web lead management, web-based CRM and email marketing into one easy-to-use solution.

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