Marketo Customers Maximize Revenue Opportunities with Lead Nurturing

ShipServ Achieves 100% ROI in Three Months; Zuora Increases Annual Contract Value by 460%

SAN MATEO, CA (August 18, 2009) – -Marketo, the fast growing provider of revenue-focused marketing automation, today announced a pair of client deployments that resulted in significant ROI from lead nurturing. ShipServ, the leading maritime e-marketplace, is using Marketo to nurture and qualify sales leads, resulting in 100% ROI in less than three months. And Zuora, the leader in online subscription billing and payments, has been using Marketo to develop email drip campaigns, social media referral campaigns and personalized landing pages. In six months using Marketo, Zuora has achieved a significant boost in pipeline revenue opportunities.

ShipServ and Zuora are in different markets but they share a common challenge: How to engage prospects in a non-threatening, non-invasive manner such that they become paying customers more quickly. These challenges are not unique to ShipServ and Zuora. In fact, they are shared by many of today’s most successful companies. The most progressive among them are responding by following lead nurturing best practices outlined in Marketo’s new eBook, The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing.
ShipServ Generates 100% ROI

Now in its second year using Marketo, ShipServ is driving significantly more sales opportunities. By automating what had been a series of manual processes, ShipServ increased sales-ready leads by 400% in one campaign and reduced time spent managing all campaigns by 80%. With Marketo, ShipServ can now address the needs of a large, global market without taxing its marketing resources.
“For seasoned marketing practitioners, The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing is like a proficiency test,” said John Watton, VP of Marketing at ShipServ. “We use Marketo to better understand a customer’s journey, while mapping content to the appropriate buying stages as suggested in the section ‘Developing Your Stay in Touch Campaign Matrix’. The majority of our work is now focused on trigger-based Accelerator Campaigns, where we count on Marketo to capture and encode a prospective customer’s corporate memory.”
Zuora Boosts Pipeline Opportunities

Zuora began using Marketo in Spring 2009 to capitalize on the enthusiastic response of prospects to its subscription billing and payment solution. Inundated with sales leads, Zuora needed an automated lead nurturing system to maximize the full potential of opportunities in the sales pipeline. Less than a half year later, the value of opportunities in the Zuora sales pipeline is up dramatically. At the same time, Zuora has achieved a 132% increase in sales-accepted opportunities, a 463% increase in web site visits, and a 460% increase in average annual contract value.
“At Zuora, our challenge is translating positive media buzz into actionable leads and opportunities,” said Tricia Reilly, Director of Marketing at Zuora. “Marketo allows us to build a series of Lead Lifecycle Campaigns, combining timely sales follow-up and automatic lead recycling to ensure that no lead is left behind.”
August 19: The Definitive Webinar on Lead Nurturing

On August 19, Marketo’s Vice President of Marketing Jon Miller will host “The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing” webinar with MarketingSherpa senior analyst Sergio Balengo. Since its release on August 4, more than 2,500 marketers have downloaded The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing, a comprehensive Marketo workbook that delivers the practical advice and do-it-yourself guidance required to turn lead nurturing theory into practice. Marketers are encouraged to sign up for the August 19 webinar.

Source: Marketo