Leading Open Source Companies Turn to Marketo to Monetize Their High Volume Marketing Automation Initiatives

â??Open Source Success Formulaâ?? Names Marketo a Must-Have Component for Increasing Conversion Rates and Accelerating Revenue Growth

SAN MATEO, CA (November 11, 2009) –

Marketo, the revenue-focused marketing automation company, has emerged as the solution of choice for open source leaders looking for innovative ways to sell and succeed at every stage of the revenue cycle. In a soon-to-be published white paper, titled ‘Open Source Best Practices 2009,’ C-Level executives at leading open source companies named Marketo Lead Management as a critical component for improving lead generation conversion rates and igniting explosive revenue growth.

The first-of-its kind report – authored by MindTouch, a leader in Enterprise 2.0 Collaborative Networks – is based on interviews with more than 25 C-Level executives at leading open source companies. Its ‘Open Source Success Formula’ – Distribution x Conversion Rates x Average Selling Price = Revenue – emphasizes the importance of well-executed lead nurturing campaigns for managing a high volume of leads, prioritizing according to buying interest and improving conversion rates.

“Marketo is ideally suited for open source companies that manage a high volume of web leads, thrive on a ‘do-more-with-less’ budget and embrace innovative, best-in-class technologies,” said Mark Fidelman, Vice President of Sales at MindTouch, a customer of both Marketo Lead Management and Marketo Sales Insight and the study’s author. “Open source companies that value sales effectiveness and revenue growth should seriously consider implementing the Marketo Revenue Suite.”

“Defining and developing an effective process from community development through lead generation is a critical process for all open source ISVs and Marketo provides a core element in this value chain,” Andrew Aitken, Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Olliance Group, a leading global open source management consultancy.

Open source leaders – including CollabNet, GroundWork Open Source, Kickfire, Mindjet, MindTouch and SpringSource – are using Marketo’s powerful and easy-to-use marketing and sales solutions to ignite explosive revenue growth from the earliest stages of demand generation and lead management to the pursuit of revenue and customer loyalty.

“We use Marketo to re-engage with thousands of ‘lost leads’ and to run segmented lead nurturing programs regardless of a prospect’s timing to buy,” said Amy Abascal, Senior Manager of Website and Creative Services at GroundWork Open Source. “The actionable insight we gain through Marketo analytic reports and Marketo Sales Insight helps us identify and prioritize the hottest leads and better understand their interest and urgency.”

“After launching our Free Trials Program with Marketo, we have seen a notable increase in the volume and quality of leads and the number of sales conversions,” said Guy Marion, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at CVSDude, a leading, subversion hosting platform that caters to enterprise customers and the open source community. Following best practices outlined in Marketo’s popular eBook, ‘The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing,’ CVSDude fully automated hundreds of free trials per month, dramatically improved the quality of landing pages and associated content, and reported a 15% boost in trial conversions.

Marketo’s own engineering environment includes the LAMP stack, specifically a Linux Operating System, the Apache HTTP Web Server, MySQL database server and a PHP Web Applications Framework. In addition, Marketo makes extensive use of the EXT JS Java Script Library to develop its popular front-end user interface.

“Open source companies see an overwhelming volume of leads and require a powerful and easy way to prioritize the best sales leads and nurture the others,” said Phil Fernandez, President and CEO at Marketo. “The fact that open source companies are rapidly adopting Marketo to manage, measure and monetize their revenue cycle is further proof of the immediate value and dramatic customer success that Marketo delivers.”

Source: Marketo