Microsoft Dynamics Making Headway in the CRM Race

Research firms Forrester and Gartner agree, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is ahead of the pack in customer relationship management for medium to large sized businesses. Although recent reports have shown that Salesforce CRM is a cult favorite among SMBs, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has won the popularity contest amongst the bigger enterprises. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is praised for its ability to seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft products; Dynamics CRM is also structured to allow users to create customized solutions with the xRM framework.

Forrester’s report investigated 15 of the leading CRM systems including Dynamics competitors, Oracle Siebel and SAP. The research agency conducted their CRM evaluation based on operations, sales execution, cost, customer satisfaction, deployment options, business model, and innovation. To further reinforce Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s leading position in the CRM world, Gartner produced a report naming Dynamics as the best option for large enterprises as well.

“It is an honor to be recognized as a leader in the CRM industry that is helping customers seize new opportunities and grow their businesses,” says New Zealand Dynamics Manager, Stewart Gibbs. “We deliver innovation and value to companies in New Zealand around the world by focusing on end-user productivity, business process flexibility and agility, and the ability of our customers to leverage cloud deployment models.”

What makes Microsoft Dynamics CRM so wonderful? The CRM suite is comprised of a comprehensive set of tools and capabilities that allow users to optimize their business relationships throughout the sales pipeline. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also fully customizable and scalable, making itself a perfect fit for businesses of any size.

“Our customers have reported a number of benefits from Dynamics CRM, such as having the ability to identify and retain their most profitable customers, and being able to better target and manage their growing customer and sales disciplines around sales, service and marketing, while benefiting from a custom line of business applications built on the CRM platform,” explains Stewart.

With all the functions and features Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers its users, it comes as no surprise that both Gartner and Forrester have recognized the software as the one to beat.

“CRM is one of the fastest growing areas of our business. Customers are really starting to see how a CRM solution, both in its pure form but also in a tailored form, can help their businesses manage relationships of all types. The diverse application of Dynamics CRM is exciting to see- from organizations using the application to manage typical customer sales relationships through to managing training programs for apprentices, and even managing the heritage and location of guide dogs. Things have certainly matured since the days of failed large scale CRM implementations. Now customers are seeing fast ROI and benefits realization from a more agile platform. It’s great to see what can be achieved,” says Simon Bright a Dynamics customer and COO at Intergen.

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