Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 : 5 Best New Features

The beta version of one of the top CRM systems available was recently released earlier this month, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. After a review of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, many of the beta users were very impressed by the new features. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed for both cloud-based and on Premise deployments, in an attempt to compete with other top CRM providers such as, Oracle and SAP.

Below is a list of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s best features, which can also be found on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM homepage.

1. Business Intelligence

Users are now able to leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM for advanced business intelligence functionality. Multiple dashboards can be managed to monitor the overall performance of the business, and the  dashboards of Microsoft’s CRM are intuitive and easy to navigate. The new Microsoft CRM add on allows users to benefit from being able to utilize business intelligence information to quickly and easily identify customer and market trends.

2. Sharepoint and Dynamics NAV Integration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 now demonstrates out-of-the-box integration with Sharepoint and Dynamics NAV. Integration with these two products will greatly enhance productivity by increasing the collaboration between front and back office applications.

3. “Solutions”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM introduces a feature called “solutions”, which enables users to save customizations and share them with others. This means that users can create different solutions or choose to import ones built by outside developers.

4.  Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

Dynamics CRM  will also feature Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, which is a solutions catalog fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM that allows for fast application downloads and connections with Microsoft partners.

5. Windows Azure

Finally, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 now allows for cloud development and deployment through Windows Azure. Users are able to apply various development platforms into their cloud solutions, making Dynamics comparable to other top CRM solutions such as, Oracle, and SAP.



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  1. One of the WORST “features” of MS CRM is it’s LACK of ability to import records. Someone gives me a list of 5,000 and I have to split it up into multiple files like I did with MS Access in 1995 or so – how archaic!!!!!

    It makes us keep looking for a new product that actually functions efficiently.

  2. Randy says:

    One of the BIGGEST missing features in all versions of MS CRM is the ability to access it from any platform other than Windows and specifically IE. The Express version is clumsy and missing features so not a good option.

    There are millions of Mac’s, Linux and other Devices (iPad, iPhone, Droid, BB, etc. even TV’s that could take advantage of MS CRM.

    Until there is Full support for Standard HTML (NON-IE) browsers it product will fail against SF and others. Which is sad because it has SO much potential.

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