Hosted CRM – the way to go

NetSuite Inc. links the future of hosted CRM with the tussle between best of breeds and integrated suites. NetSuite provides its clients ERP, CRM, and e-commerce functionalities. Its proven expertise lies in the field of SFA. NetSuite opines that CRM systems have to do more than just track prospects, it has to convert prospects into customers.

RightNow feels that the future of hosted CRM is with business processes and workflow management. The company, which has concentrated mainly on customer service through CRM, released version 7.0 of its application in October 2005. The new version includes sales and marketing functionality. RightNow’s expertise in service enables it to outperform its competitors; 40% of the company’s revenues are generated from its alliance with companies that have revenues in excess of $ 1 billion. 87% of its offerings are deployed on-demand. The company has resolved latency-related issues that are present in a conventional html application by deploying a service oriented architecture and smart Web technology.

Siebel Systems is of the belief that the future of hosted CRM may not involve hosted solutions only; there will be room for on-site solutions as well. Siebel gave its hosted solution CRM OnDemand a major boost by purchasing UpShot Corp. The company; however, does not see much of a future for customizable CRM offerings.

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