Home Builders Enjoy Solid Pivotal CRM from CDC

Home builders are enjoying a new home builders’ application from CDC which can help them designate the best leads for follow up by their sales force.

This solution can also help home builders channel long term prospects or lookers who are not quite ready to buy, and will engage them in a lead-nurture campaign module for ongoing communications.

The CDC Software is a vertical application based on its Pivotal CRM 6.0 platform. The upgraded application targets an important buying constituency for CDC, according to Steve Lewkowitz, the director of professional services for Home Building and Real Estate.

Lewkowitz says the company has developed expertise in this space over the years and has built an application which has tailored features and function for the space.

Similar to CDC’s other vertical applications, this vertical is a template which users install directly onto their 6.0 platform. It builds on standard features of the Pivotal 6.0 platform such as front office applications that include marketing automation, lead management and sales. These features are then tailored for the home building community where the majority of home buyers use the Web to conduct their research.

Additionally, there are reporting tools that help real estate firms and home builders track costs and revenues on projects and campaigns. They are able to focus on the metrics most important to this group.

The platform is built on Microsoft.Net technology with embedded Microsoft SharePoint and Office applications while also being integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Home builders have had established websites for some time but now they will have the proper systems in place to handle their online leads with the new Pivotal platform.

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