Healthcare CRM and Social Media?

The healthcare customer relationship management (CRM) company, REACH3, announced they will be implementing new tools to monitor social media strategies. The company wants to move towards integrating healthcare CRM with social media. Social CRM seems to be the common trajectory for various CRM segments nowadays, from help desks to healthcare.

REACH3’s new technology uses sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to engage patients and disseminate information to specific target audiences in real-time. REACH3 has leveraged the healthcare organization’s current marketing program, in order to understand what the most influential followers are interested in and to track their behavior. The company’s reason for tracking segmented audiences is to optimize customer relations by creating content that is engaging.

COO Jim Schleck explains that: “Hospitals can use this information as a way to know how to incentivize the people who share information about them. A social media strategy allows a brand to speak for itself by unleashing it and letting it develop a life of its own”.

By monitoring social media trends, the healthcare CRM can evolve based on the trends they observe. If the results prove to be positive, REACH3 can make the case for new media as part of an innovative new marketing program.

Blog CRM is excited to see several industries add social media elements to their CRM platforms. The Social CRM trend is proof that social media tools can be extremely valuable for optimizing customer-enterprise relationships.

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