Easy Software UK scored a big one today, announcing that none other than the Premier League has standardised on its suite of Document Management solutions. Easy UK is a branch of Easy Software AG, provider of integrated document and email management, workflow and archive solutions.

The wonderfully-named Premier League head of IT Simon Thunder reportedly initially recommended electronic document management technology to his Finance Director.

Touchstone Group, a supplier of integrated solutions for business and financial management and those who had supplied its Microsoft Dynamics GP accounts system and expense management solution, acted as advisor to the Premiership in the move.

The football department of the Premier League stores a wealth of documents and historical records on the league, its members and players. As one of most significant current and historical Premier League document stores, the football department was early on the list for automation with the Easy electronic document management system.

Easy Software worked with Simon and his team to integrate EASY ENTERPRISE into the player contract system, and, according to Premier League PR, “The sensitive nature of these documents is such that all scanning is being done internally.”

One of Simon’s longer-range goals is for the Premiership to gradually convert each department to storing and retrieving its documents electronically and archiving off-site documents for long-term retention.

Easy Software was founded in 1990 and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Apart from its head office in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, the company has further branches in Germany and subsidiaries in Austria; Philadelphia, Penna.; and London and Bury St. Edmunds in the UK. Easy now claims the endorsement of Microsoft and more than 400 strategic alliances with systems integrators and line of business application partners.

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