From Inivex to Zoho: 2011 CRM Reviews

If you want to be able to maximize your performance for the second half of this year, it may be time to take a closer look at CRM solutions. In the process, you are likely to come across 2011 CRM reviews. In the process, you will find companies like NetSuite and Zoho as you learn about their functionalities and what they have to offer. If you have conducted a needs analysis, you will be ready to determine if the 2011 CRM reviews relate to your process. If not, it may be time to take a step back and determine the right next move.

2011 CRM Reviews: Inivex

An examination of 2011 CRM reviews is surely to bring your attention to Inivex and the power of its CRM solution. This solution is designed specifically for the small business as it allows you to control and customize your CRM solution. As the owner, you can easily make changes to the platform, which may include the addition of new fields, changing the name of fields or even creating new and unique applications. As demonstrated in 2011 CRM reviews, Inivex CRM provides a central repository for all your client data so you can focus on increasing customer retention, optimize your pipeline management and effectively close more business. You can also streamline other CRM processes and automate business rules so you can drive your activities. The ease of integration delivered in this solution ensures your small business gains access to the benefits of CRM, without some of the common headaches.

2011 CRM Reviews: Microsoft Dynamics

Those companies operating in an all-Microsoft environment are more likely to be drawn to the 2011 CRM reviews that focus on Microsoft Dynamics. This solution also provides a central location that allows you to work tightly with your Microsoft Office environment. Capture and sharing of this information is easy, allowing key decision makers to do what they do best on the fly. Microsoft Dynamics also delivers an always-on connection to Excel so that you can turn customer information into dynamic snapshots. These instant information captures provide an instant view of the sales department health and identify opportunities. Like other CRM platforms, Microsoft Dynamics also offers automation and important follow-up tasks to ensure the sales reps – and other users – are always on task and focused on the next step.

2011 CRM Reviews: NetSuite CRM+

Not all 2011 CRM reviews will focus on solutions from NetSuite, but they should if they want to include a leading contender in this space. NetSuite is focused on delivering its CRM application in the cloud. The company offers specific applications that are focused on sales. As such, the platform streamlines the activities of the sales department and provides complete visibility to sales managers. At the same time, mobile integration ensures those professionals on the go always have access to key sales and company information and data. With flexible customization, you can be sure that all of your needs are met in this platform.

2011 CRM Reviews: Zoho CRM

With such a fun name, how could this platform deliver anything less than expected? Zoho CRM, as demonstrated in a number of 2011 CRM reviews, enables you to capture the valuable customer data you need to manage your customer accounts and all the activities that may touch a client’s account. A one-stop application, Zoho CRM ensures all steps of the sales process are adequately managed. And, with drag-and-drop customization, no expertise is necessary to optimize the total experience.