Did you hear an ECHO?

Teleformix, a developer of CRM / eCRM software applications, is pleased to announce the upcoming release of ECHO 2.8. ECHO 2.8 is a solution designed primarily for actions of the individual agent in CRM and quality control processes.

The ECHO platform seeks to more easily allow self-evaluation and monitoring of performance and reviews. Upgrades to extant features are in the call evaluation tools’ capabilities and in visual layout of the ECHO On Demand recording function. ECHO 2.8 is currently in beta and is slated for a general release date in the fourth quarter of 2006.

ECHO is a browser-based digital, VoIP and screen capture recording solution which seeked to provide service-oriented architecture to simplify integration between ECHO and a web services enabled platform. Based in Rolling Meadows, Ill., Teleformix LLC specializes in CRM / eCRM enterprise-class software applications for the banking, insurance, financial services and marketing industries.

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