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SAP and Siebel may be falling off the top of the CRM ladder

Currently, Forrester rankings show that SAP and Oracle-Siebel are the leaders in CRM software. However, competition is close at their heels. Because the CRM software market has developed immensely in recent years, this has made it difficult to make distinctions between products. The Forrester report stated that the reason Siebel and SAP do so well […]

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Gartner Research Includes Pegasystems and RightNow in Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers

New players join Oracle Siebel, Microsoft and as the market seeks to empower agents and deliver next-generation service. There aren’t a lot of commonalities between the listed vendors in Magic Quadrant except that they have systems to help customers post-sale. To be fair, very few enterprises have cookie-cutter customer service requirements and these vendors […]

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Navigor Arrives To Steer South African SMBs

Navigor has launched Oracle’s Siebel-on-demand solution for SMBs in South Africa. Navigor hopes to push the new Siebel-on-demand offering as a solution for the CRM requirements of SMBs. The CRM is available as a rental option thereby putting it within reach of businesses of all sizes. Low entry costs, good broadband connectivity, no maintenance costs […]

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Get Xpertise In Siebel

Xpertise, which is one of the leading IT training facilities in the U.K, has added Siebel training to its already impressive list of Oracle training. The company already has a strong base in CRM training and this new addition adds further to its reputation. The company views the new addition as a natural progression since […]

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Upgrading Your CRM: The Problem with Vodafone’s CRM

Vodafone’s recent problem with their CRM is proof that CRM software is not without its problems. For those unfamiliar with the situation, Vodafone had a brown-out of its services in the land down under because of the implementation of a CRM upgrade. The down-time of Vodafone’s Siebel CRM system, made it so that Vodafone was […]

Siebel dominant, rules, sits at number one … for now

With words like “dominant” and “rules” was Oracle/Siebel’s standing in IDC research reported last week. Said research had the CRM market divided into eight verticals: financial services; government and health care; manufacturing; retail; utilities; automotive; communications and media; and the always-popular other. Siebel was reported as the leading CRM provider in the first five listed […]

Before the Call gets the call

Before the Call has received the call from Oracle. Representatives from Before the Call, an on-demand sales intelligence solutions provider, have announced that the integration of its sales intelligence suite with Oracle’s Siebel CRM On Demand has been successfully validated by Oracle. Before the Call was launched in autumn 2005. Customers include industry leaders such […]

Big and Lean

BigMachines, Inc., a most excellently named provider of web-based configuration, quote, and proposal selling tools, today announced that the integration between its on-demand Lean Front-End solution and Oracle’s Siebel CRM on demand has been successfully validated by Oracle. BigMachines has also become a Certified Partner in the Oracle partner network. BigMachines LFE seeks to allow […]

Oracle: simply Magic

Another “Magic Quadrant” member has presented itself and surely to the surprise of few, it is Oracle. With over four million CRM deployed seats and over 150 million registered self-service users, Oracle was certain to have its Siebel CRM applications positioned in the “Leader Quadrant” of the Gartner “Magic Quadrant” in sales force automation. The […]

Oracle tears Siebel away from IBM

All over the news first thing in the morning today was the big Siebel / IBM / Oracle brouhaha; of course, with names like this involved, who’s surprised at the prominence of this particular news bite? As is being reported everywhere, the Big Blue back-end powering Siebel’s CRM OnDemand hosted software service is “being ripped […]