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SAP to Target SMBs With its CRM Products

Given that the enterprise market is pretty saturated and renewing licenses is pretty much only way to make money off the big companies; it is not surprising that software vendors are looking to target the mid-market segment.The growth of SaaS has been a major factor in driving the attention of companies like SAP and Oracle […]

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Business ByDesign in Rough Waters

SAP’s ambitious Business ByDesign venture has run into another roadblock. The ERP and CRM suite touted by SAP to be the mother of all SaaS offerings has been pushed back by SAP by another six months so that the company can pay more attention to issues such as reining in the TCO and developing a […]

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Crackberry from Blackberry

SAP and RIM have come together in order to tap into each other competencies and in the process develop mobile CRM applications that can be made available to an increasing population carrying portable devices. Mobile professionals with the new “Crackberry” handheld device can access SAP software from anywhere in the world. SAP says that it […]

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SAP feels the need to tap into Web 2.0

It is a telling statement on CRM usage that company employees often prefer to continue with the software they have been using for account management instead of shifting to CRM deployments instituted by the company. SAP has taken cognizance of this fact and in an effort to increase usage among workers, it has announced an […]

All-Out Attack

The news about Oracle today is reading like a press-release version of that 2001 Japanese cinema classic, Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack. The software behemoths aren’t destroying Tokyo with fire breath and the like, but there is a lot of bellowing and stomping going on involving three of the biggest names […]

SAP buys two

SAP got bigger today, announced the acquisition of enterprise communications software developer Wicom Communications and the planned buyout of identity management applications maker MaXware. Strategically speaking, the former move is meant to bolster SAP’s customer relationship management software, while the latter is designed to increase SAP identity management capabilities in NetWeaver. SAP completed its Wicom […]

Lookin’ out for OutlookSoft

SAP AG today announced its intention to acquire OutlookSoft Corporation, a privately held provider of integrated planning, budgeting, forecasting and consolidation software. The acquisition is expected to be completed in June 2007, pending approval from the respective antitrust authorities. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The prospective buyout is part of the SAP multi-year […]

Genesys Adapts

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. today announced the new Genesys Gplus Adapter for use with the analytics capabilities of the SAP Customer Relationship Management application. Genesys now lays claim to status as “the first SAP Software Partner to tightly integrate its customer service software with the SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence component of the SAP NetWeaver platform.” […]

How do you say, “Vroom vroom!” in Bengali?

SAP India yesterday announced a fat sale for the company, with India’s leading tyre manufacturing company MRF Limited selecting the software with the no-nonsense moniker of “SAP for Automotive.” SAP representatives gleefully reported that “MRF opted to replace existing applications from Oracle in favour of SAP’s leading SAP ERP and SAP CRM solutions, based on […]

Lurking hidden costs in web-based CRM

At first, on-demand CRM software looks like a can’t-miss opportunity in terms of rapidly upgrading lots of customer service really quickly under one base price of, say, $75 per user for marketing, sales force or service automation modules or $125 for all three suites. At first. Just as surely as time is money, however, hidden […]