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Formetco, Effectively

The folks at Customer Effective, a Microsoft Gold certified partner and provider of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, announced the company’s recently implementation of CRM at Formetco. Founded in 1968, Formetco is a full-service supplier for the outdoor advertising industry. Working with a Formetco team, Customer Effective implemented CRM and interfaced the system with Microsoft Great Plains. […]

Cerebral, that Cortex

EMS-Cortex, a New Zealand-based solutions provider for telecommunications and service providers, yesterday released Cortex 7.0 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. Cortex is the flagship of the company and 7.0 promises “a number of” enhancements designed to work with Microsoft Exchange 2007, SharePoint services 3.0 and the provisioning pack for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. Cortex 7.0 […]

The holy trinity: C, R, and M

CRM solutions provider Business IT Professionals (a.k.a. Biz IT Pro) has announced its new partnership with PYA Wise Software Solutions, a provider of Microsoft-based management solutions. By partnering, the two firms will focus on developing customizable technology solutions to churches nationwide. Now here’s a gauntlet thrown religiously: “The applications we have developed have the potential […]

Rand deploys

Representatives of Houston, Texas-based The Rand Group today announced the official launch of a Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management practice. Rand Group is solutions provider specializing in integration and deployment of Microsoft product. In the practice, the Rand Group will be employing its expertise in Microsoft platform technologies including data warehousing, business intelligence and business […]

Google this: My enemy’s enemy…

Go ahead, Google it. You did, didn’t you? No wonder one story dominated any remotely connected industry media today. In the spirit of “My enemy’s enemy is my friend,” the breathtaking whispers say that Google is currently in discussions with to design some sort of alliance against mutual foe, the biggest of them all, […]

Wanna take it for a spin…?

Citing “demand for a hands-on experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM,” Microsoft certified partner Altico Advisors has launched a monthly “test drive” series for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Held the second Friday of every month, Altico’s series offers potential users an opportunity to walk through the basic sales, marketing, and service components of Dynamics CRM. At Altico’s […]

Microsoft to buy aQuantive

The newswires and the public imagination is already full of this story, so here’s CRMchump’s take on the story brought to you by this blogger’s day job, a little news outlet we like to call Budapest Business Journal. Kudos and thanks to the online editor, the lovely Nora Szale. The story: Microsoft Corp., the world’s […]

Big actions coming from the Big Company in a Big way

The big news for court watchers, Microsoft followers, and fans of open source this week appeared on newsstands on Friday and online on Monday. Underline the appropriate headline “Microsoft takes on the free world,” Roger Parloff describes a scary “tinderbox” of a situation seemingly inevitable and destined to fatten Microsoft further. What has captured the […]

Google, Google … ten duotrigintillion times, Google

Just about everything Google Inc. does these days gets attention across all mass media and with good reason. Surely the no. 1 used website of ‘em all, the company has even produced an official verb, at least in common parlance: “to google.” (Indeed, many have forgotten or are unaware of Edward Kasner’s wonderfully-named number the […]

CRM – what a Conceptus

Microsoft Corp. closed out the week with the announcement that Conceptus Inc. had chosen Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 to help assure the continued growth of the Essure system, Conceptus’ flagship medical device. What are Conceptus and Essure? Glad you asked. As it turns out, the Essure system is a permanent birth control procedure that has […]