Category: Customer Data

Information lifecycle management

Information is an important resource for organizations. It has significance from the business generation perspective and also from the point of view of legal mandates regarding data retention. Regulations can require the retention of transactional data for large periods of time. This data, which is inactive and is stored purely for compliance purposes, can put […]

DB2 Content Manager Standard Edition v8.3 from IBM

The DB2 Content Manager Standard Edition v8.3 for iSeries was launched in December 2005, by IBM. The software aims to help medical offices, retailers, and other businesses in controlling and managing unstructured data. Unstructured data such as emails, customer records, faxes, forms, etc offer valuable information but in an unstructured form, it is of little […]

Federated customer data integration

Enterprises face a problem of plenty, i.e. plenty of customer data, most of which is in segregated silos. This prevents decision makers to obtain a real-time holistic view of things. It is therefore important that customer data integration (CDI) be executed so that customer data can be consolidated. However, even though CDI hubs help to […]

Compliance issues for enterprises

It is important that companies pay attention to the impact of regulations from the initial stages of deploying enterprise applications. Unstructured data that is often distributed across various PC’s in a department can often contain more useful information than structured data stored in secure databases. Distributed servers for storing data can rack up a very […]

Merits of a centralized database

Companies are working on integrating their data present on different platforms on to a single centralized platform in order to try an achieve a holistic view of customer behavior and also so that all departments in an enterprise are on the same wavelength as far as customer data is concerned. Nikon is working on a […]

Microsoft Office 12 to have BI capabilities

Microsoft.Corp has stated that it will enhance its Office software by adding data culling capabilities to it. This capability, which comes within the scope of Business Intelligence, is mainly used by analyst firms and enterprises wishing to obtain actionable information from the data in their databases. Microsoft is of the opinion that the scope of […]