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Comverse in the SES universe

The daily sale for fast-moving Filipino firm SES today involves Comverse. Ubiquitous SES CEO Clarisa Rojo announced today that Comverse had selected SES’ Effective CRM. Comverse bills itself as the world’s leading supplier of software and systems enabling network-based multimedia enhanced communication services, will be implementing Effective for its marketing and sales operations in the […]

This Bud’s for SES

SES CEO Clarisa Rojo is again in the industry news today, announcing the imminent launch of beta testing for SES flagship product Effective CRM at Anheuser-Busch. The Effective suite includes modules for customer service; inventory; marketing and sales; and mobile solutions. Following an agreement between SES and an approved supplier of Anheuser-Busch, SES is making […]

B-I-N-G-O was his name-o

Attention, bingo addicts! PacificNet, Inc., a frequent newsmaker these days at CRMchump, announced today that its Take1 Technologies subsidiary has introduced a new line of gaming machine products: Electronic Bingo Machines. Electronic Bingo Machines are pretty much what you’d expect, with no paper and ink needed! The Take1 Bingo Machines are based on a client-server […]

Opening the Databazaar in India, currently the fifth largest online U.S. retailer specializing in IT peripherals, has announced its intent to enter the India market. Company talks with offline partners owning independent distribution and logistics chains were reported in Telegraph India’s online edition today. Databazaar would comprise the online platform for the unnamed potential partners of the new venture. […]

SES goes for more

These days, hardly twenty-four hours goes by without news from a certain enterprise software provider in the Philippines; ever since the company’s “reverse merger” with software firm SFWJ, a media blitz of Software Effective Solutions Inc.’s deals and agreements has emanated from the island nation. Today, SES has announced its agreement with Fibercom, a leading […]

SES, again

Philippines-based enterprise software provider SES continued on its year-end roll last week, with CEO Clarisa Rojo announcing just before the holidays (and presumably, even SES employees got some well-deserved time off) that Gilat Satellite Networks had installed the Service and Marketing and Sales modules of SES’s CRM suite in its regional offices in Bangkok. Gilat […]

Of those pros at Epro

PacificNet, Inc., a provider of CRM and telemarketing services, ecommerce, gaming and mobile internet services in China, announced today that its PacificNet Epro subsidiary has been selected by China Unicom’s Shanghai branch to provide CRM consulting and call center training services. Under terms of the agreement, PacificNet Epro will enhance the CRM service level and […]

How do you say “ka ching!” in Cantonese?

PacificNet Inc., a provider of Customer Relationship Management, mobile internet, e-commerce and gaming technology in China, announced today that its PacificNet Games Limited (PacGames) subsidiary has received orders from two more casinos in Macau, China for multi-player electronic gaming machines. Interestingly enough, PacificNet chairman / CEO Tony Tong commented on not being able to comment […]

SES and Rojo go

Suddenly, once-quiet Philippines-based enterprise software provider SES is making moves. None other than SES CEO Clarisa Rojo herself announced today that none other than IBM Philippines would be reselling the SES Customer Relationship Management suite in the country. Rojo stated that "Thanks to IBM Philippines’ leadership position in the market, this collaboration marks a milestone […]

Rojo’s mojo

Philippines-based enterprise software provider SES announced completion of a rare “reverse merger” on Friday. Fellow Filipino software firm SFWJ acquired 100 percent of SES shares and has replaced its board of directors and management with those of SES. All SES assets, businesses and operations have been merged into SFWJ. Of course, with the announcement came […]