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An introduction to Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management, or CEM, is becoming a popular way for industries to capture customer loyalty. CEM puts the focus on the customer rather than the goals of the company, leading to better customer service and ultimately a higher number of loyal customers spreading word-of-mouth advertising to potential customers. Companies that use customer experience management […]

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How to? Not like that

Business consultancy How to Experience CEO David Williams has a bit of a scathing editorial running at In a piece entitled “The Customer Focus Myth,” Williams takes nearly every organization he has dealt with (and over ten years in the biz, that would appear to be quite a few) in simply failing to go […]

Two top fives

Like top-five lists? Well, you’ll love the telephony/customer relationship management this week. The loftily-named company yesterday released a pair of white papers entitled The Top 5 Telephony Solutions Your Business Needs Today and The 5 Must-Have Features of a CRM Solution. Best of all, the white papers are free after the registration process. The […]

Seven secrets to CRM

Cutting Edge Information has released a report on that nice niche industry, pharmaceutical CRM. Not so aesthetically-titled Pharmaceutical Customer Relationship Management: Developing and Improving CRM, the report seeks to identify and analyze the pharmaceutical companies recognized as leading the field in customer relationship management. The sound-bite version of the piece, broken down into a 21st-century […]

And the winner is…

With an abundance of CRM products and a plethora of online pundits examining them, this market of the software industry is seeing awards and honors within the field graced every week of the year. Heck, to keep up, you’d need a scorecard. Below is one writer’s attempt to provide such; a look at some of […]

Profiling consumer profiling

“Consumer profiling” is a concept long since taken for granted by the users and gurus of marketing. Yet in that familiar way 21st century culture so often does, the complexity of a once simply-defined concept has obfuscated its simpler meaning, say, something like “The process of building profiles of consumers based on their purchases. Consumer […]

Lurking hidden costs in web-based CRM

At first, on-demand CRM software looks like a can’t-miss opportunity in terms of rapidly upgrading lots of customer service really quickly under one base price of, say, $75 per user for marketing, sales force or service automation modules or $125 for all three suites. At first. Just as surely as time is money, however, hidden […]

Research from the Cutting Edge

Here at CRMchump, we’ll arbitrarily declare “Pharmaceutical Customer Relationship Management: Developing and Improving CRM” the study release of the week. This one comes out of Cutting Edge Information (great name there: 9.4 out of 10 on the CRMchump Slicker Than Thou Company Names Scale) and features as principal finding that “many pharmaceutical CRM initiatives suffer […]

Good-as-gold publicity for GoldMine

If GoldMine were smart, they’ll be featuring a piece by Gene Marks headlined “CRM is not a four-letter word” – it’s even got a clever title – out of the San Antonio Business Journal. Not only does folksy writer Marks bring home the message that CRM product is actually for real, honest-to-Adam Smith down-home folks […]

Finally, an appeal.

It is unknown whether blogger Michael Krigsman reads CRMchump regularly, though he has posted a response or two in the past. However, if you are out there, Mr. K., please … come back! Krigsman is/was the author of the excellent, keep-’em-honest blog “Rearranging the Deck Chairs.” Proclaiming himself “dedicated to making software implementation projects successful,” […]