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Aberdeen report causes buzz

A report recently released by Aberdeen Group and commissioned by ERP software suppliers Infor, Lawson Software, Plexus Systems, QAD, and SoftBrands has been making the rounds among the industry’s media. The key number you’ll be seeing / have seen in the headlines is 27.6, as in most manufacturers employing ERP software use approximately 27.6 percent […]

On SOA and gaps in ERP

Like many other online outlets for our industry, reported and commented on Bruce Richardson’s end-of-ERP opinions of last month. (The Chump did, too, on August 30.) Richardson, he of AMR Research, presented a future in which “rapid adoption of service-oriented architectures will lead to the end of the ERP market as we know it.” […]

55 CRM stories and life-lessons if you seek

Despite what some would have you believe, the notion of “Customer Relationship Management” is no product or list of products that will establish a system for your business to more effectively deal with clients. If anything, modern CRM is a philosophical mission statement of interpersonal dynamics upon which software is used to facilitate. You could […]

CRM implementation vs. employee culture

According to research recently undertaken by connectivity software vendor ND-Metascybe and Computing magazine, employee culture presents the biggest problem to success in public-sector CRM implementation. Two hundred fifty-eight e-government and council IT heads were polled in the survey, with 42 percent of respondents remarking that it has been unexpectedly difficult to get employees to adopt […]

3i think so

An article over at carries some reportage from 3i Infotech on that firm’s recent acquisitions of Formula Ware, Datacons, SDG Software and G4 Software Technologies. The latter three are India-based software companies, and ArcWeb sees this as “a clear signal about its business focus on the ERP market, albeit in the SMB segment.” 3i […]

Beyond CRM?

The Sub-Conscious Mirroring method (or SCM): It’s not the latest pop psychology craze, but is instead a new philosophy for using and enabling the detection of priority interests and thoughts in individuals in the development of technology. Oracles4Business (no relation) is a brand-new firm offering the “mind-sensitivity” process, which authors claim can be used in […]

Advice for CRM newbies

There’s a good piece for those new to the CRM implementation business over at “Expert author” (no proper bio is supplied) Colin Duffy’s piece entitled “How to Define Your Needs before Buying CRM” and is a decent piece defining some basics when attempting to choose the correct first CRM product. Like many other business […]

On the SaaS trail

CRM can be viewed both a business strategy and as a technology. It is a strategy that tunes an organization’s focus on being customer centric; it is also a technology that provides valuable information which a company can use to deliver more value to its customers. A company needs to imbibe the philosophy of being […]

Eurogrowth in CRM industry

A little more information from Gartner shows a little more money made in the European CRM industry last year. Fuelled by the renewed business focus on revenue and customer growth, says recent Gartner analysis, total European customer relationship management software revenues totaled US $1.9 billion in 2005, representing an increase of 9.7 percent. Figures showed […]

The CRM market

CRM companies fit into one of the three categories – small office, mid-market, and large enterprise. The current market scenario is one of mergers and acquisitions and is resulting in new options being thrown up regularly for prospective customers. The small-office segment is dominated by companies such as Best Software and FrontRange Solutions. They cater […]