Web Based Sales Management: Oracle Sales Automation Software Offers Deep Analysis

Deep analysis may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think sales, but maybe it should be if you want to stand out against your competition. Putting powerful sales force automation tools in place gives you the ability to have a powerful, web based sales management program. It not only allows you to capture customer data, but also allows you to analyze that data to know exactly how to serve your current and prospective customers. If you are searching for a powerful solution, you might want to consider sales automation software from Oracle, a leading developer of web based sales management platforms.

Web based Sales Management: Oracle Offers Reach in Sales Automation Software

Oracle offers one of the deepest web based sales management product lines through their sales automation software options. Oracle provides you with the option of on-premise or cloud-based platforms, or a hybrid of the two. The company has been able to extend its reach into the market by integrating the capabilities of a number of different CRM product lines, such as PeopleSoft CRM, Siebel, JD Edwards CRM and more. Companies such as yours searching for a powerful web based sales management platform more often than not land on Siebel CRM when seeking Oracle support. The main focus for the company – and one that tends to grab the most attention – is the fact that it can support the lead-to-cash process across a number of industries. Oracle CRM web based sales management software is designed to be easy to use and to deliver value for your sales reps and your company.

Sales Automation Software – The Human Side

Like everyone else, you are likely searching for a web based sales management solution through sales automation software that will increase sales productivity and results. You want to implement a powerful web based sales management solution that will support and drive those necessary activities throughout the entire sales cycle, and you want that capability delivered through channels easily accessible to your sales reps. This means, a smartphone, a browser or even a tablet computer. Oracle will also deliver the sales automation software capabilities you need to incorporate those human activities involved in the sales process that lead to revenue. Use sales automation software to effectively plan and manage, such as territory management, quota management, as well as rich analytics to track against your established targets. Oracle takes the human side of sales to automate and improve upon this part of the process to increase the size of the deals, win rates, the power of the pipeline and the overall effectiveness of the sales team.

Sales Automation Software to Drive Analytics

Why should you care about analytics if customers buy from people? After all, aren’t your sales reps the best starting point for customer information? Web based sales management, primarily sales automation software, provides your sales reps, regional managers and others in your sales department the ability to analyze best opportunities, top-selling products, identify opportunities for improvement and trends for forecasting and product offerings. It is true that your sales managers need to know what is happening so they can empower their sales reps to be more effective, but your sales reps can also benefit from this information so they can better plan their overall strategy with their targeted base. With a web based sales management program, deep analysis is automated through sales automation software, so the focus is on closing bigger deals and driving more revenue.
It is true that Oracle is just one of many companies offering web based sales management opportunities through sales automation software, yet Oracle continues to dominate where quality service and support are concerned.