Gave Avon Business Visibility

Businesses face challenges every day when it comes to aligning sales efforts with the corporate strategy. When your sales team is comprised of independent, home-based agents, a different dynamic enters the mix and a robust solution is necessary to provide visibility and sales success. To counter this challenge, gave Avon the ability to gain the benefits it needed to create new opportunities. Whether you have home-based, outside or inbound sales reps, you can leverage the power of to deliver the results you need. Keep reading to learn how gave Avon the push to emerge as a more powerful player.

Avon Turns to to Solve a Problem

Avon was dealing with a challenge and needed help from to solve the problem. The company was trying to manage and help more than 100,000 independent sales reps to optimize their efforts and improve their performance. In the past, Avon sales leaders received performance reports only at the end of two- or three-week campaign cycles. This approach ensured that the sales leaders were unable to make changes to impact their results in the current campaign. As a result, gave Avon the guidance to provide a single, standardized platform and reporting solution that would support a global business program and emphasize alignment, best practices, efficiency and quick deployments in Avon markets across the globe. gave Avon the knowledge of how to seamlessly integrate with the existing Internet portal.

The Optimal Solution for Avon:

Avon turned to and the platform so the company could eventually scale up to support 150,000 sales leaders over the next several years. Working together, the two companies were able to develop a powerful enterprise application that integrated Avon’s enterprise data warehousing platform with functions available in The resulting implementation was an end-to-end information flow that moves large volumes of detailed order transaction data from operational systems to the enterprise data warehouse managed by Avon and then into Each market now leverages easy point and click configurations within, including customized screens and reports. The company now also enjoys seamless integration with its Web portal, including a single sign-on for all information in one place. Mobile access to information within also allows sales leaders to access information from their smartphones. Provides Avon with Measurable Results

With the solution now firmly in place, Avon now enables sales leaders to act quickly on information to get maximum results during any given campaign. This helps them to improve their own earnings, as well as earnings for the company overall. Easy to use tools improve business results for all involved, which enhances Avon’s ability to attract and retain talent. Also, gave Avon the ability to promote standard business processes and performance metrics. The implementation generated significant buzz, excitement and demand throughout the company.

No matter the structure of your sales team, there are a number of benefits that can deliver, and most of them can be felt in the bottom line. This proven provider can deliver the tools you need to automate your systems, align your sales efforts and produce a greater level of success.