AccountLink: The Easy Way to Achieve MYOB and CRM Integration

Do you need to achieve a successful MYOB and CRM integration? Well, AccountLink is the way to do it. If you are not sure what MYOB and CRM integration means, that does not actually mean you do not need AccountLink, you just might not know you need it. Just like when we were kids, MYOB stands for Mind Your Own Business, but in this particular case, it is a good thing, not a rude response to your nosy friend. MYOB software is designed with many accounting options for businesses of all sizes. In the end, the goal is to make your business easier to run. CRM stands for customer relationship management. This software is designed to do exactly what the title stands for. It helps you manage the relationship between you and your customers.  MYOB and CRM integration makes things much more efficient by connecting the two, but it’s not always easy. AccountLink changes that.

Benefits of MYOB and CRM Integration with AccountLink

AccountLink acts as a bridge that easily handles the MYOB and CRM integration. What makes it even better is that there is no CRM customization required to achieve this MYOB and CRM integration. AccountLink currently handles the Microsoft CRM services, but several different CRM software applications are on the way. It then effectively synchronizes your accounting data with your CRM. It is easy to install, and you can almost immediately run your first transfer after the installation. It is simple to use and easy to understand as well. It keeps track of your records and of the changes made during the syncs. One difficult thing is often dealing with duplicates. AccountLink has an intelligent way of handling these that does not leave you with multiples and headaches. Not only that, but you can customize what parts you want to integrate. Finally, you can schedule your sync times to be done regularly, and when it will not cause wasted time for you and your people.

Functional Processes of MYOB and CRM Integration with AccountLink

One simple item that is routinely changed, and usually has to be changed when conducting the MYOB and CRM integration is the address. No longer is that a need. Once it is changed in the CRM or MYOB, the address is updated automatically in the other software programs. Also, your customer’s invoices are now easily visible within the CRM Software. Different people have different access levels to different software programs. With all of the relevant information now in two places, your sales staff out in the field can get the information they need just like the accounting group can get what they need, all due to MYOB and CRM integration. Again, all this is done automatically, and should you have any needs with software or hardware because AccountLink does not support what you have, the software helps guide you in the best way to get what you need. All of these increases in efficiency by reducing double work saves time, it saves frustration, and in the end it saves you money. AccountLink provides valuable features that create smoother accounting for your company and that can make or break your bottom line.